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Kelet-Európa és a Balkán Története Kutatócsoport - “Recovering Forgotten History ..."

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Project “Recovering Forgotten History. The Image of East-Central Europe in English-Language Academic Textbooks” was organized by the Foundation for Civic Space and Public Policy in cooperation with University of Pécs (represented by Professor Endre Sashalmi), Slovak Academy of Sciences, Masaryk University, Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Polish History Museum. “The basic concept, which we implemented for the thirteenth time this year, is to persuade American authors and their publishers to make changes to their books. These books are widely used in various colleges. Unfortunately, they contain very little information not only about our country [Poland], but also about the past of Visegrad countries, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus... In fact there is very little in them about the territories of Europe between Germany and Russia” – says prof. Andrzej S. Kamiński, creator and moderator of the project. This year experts from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel and USA discussed 11 manuscripts:

  1. Doris Bergen, War and Genocide: A Concise History of the Holocaust, Rowman & Littlefield
  2. Pieter Judson, A History of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Harvard University Press
  3. Nicholas Breyfogle, Environmental History of Eurasia, University of Pittsburgh Press
  4. Paul Brykczynski, Gabriel Narutowicz and Anti-Semitic Nationalism, University of Wisconsin Press
  5. Robert Frost, The Oxford History of Poland-Lithuania, Volume I: The Making of the Polish-Lithuanian Union, 1385-1569, Oxford University Press
  6. David Mason, Concise History of Modern Europe, Rowman&Littlefield
  7. John Merriman, A History of Modern Europe. From the Renaissance to the Present, W.W. Norton
  8. Alec Murphy, European Culture Area, Rowman&Littlefield
  9. Carol Symes, Joshua Cole, Western Civilizations, W.W. Norton
  10. Zbigniew Wojnowski, Socialist Ukraine, 1956-1985, University of Toronto Press
  11. Serhy Yekelchyk, Ukraine: Birth of Modern Nation, Oxford University Press




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